Wes thu hal!

Welcome to the website of the Fellowship of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, or Geferræden Fyrnsida(GFS). Included on this site is information about Fyrnsidu - the cosmology, ethics, and beliefs as well as resources for your own study on Anglo-Saxon religion and culture. Read more about this organization on the Our Organization page.

Sutton Hoo helmet

If you'd like to join the GFS, feel free to create an account as an associate member (called Læringmann, or Híredmann). If you'd like to be a full(voting) member(called Gesíð), you'll need to spend a while participating in the organization, and have a cleric vouch for you. For more information, see the Bylaws page. As an associate member, you'll have access to the forums, the ability to put up blog posts, and access to the electronic texts library.


If you have any problems, comments or questions, let us know using the contact form. Thank you and welcome!